• 2024-2025 Out-of-District Request Process 

     Out-of-district requests for the 2024-2025 school year will only be approved for the reasons listed below.

    This does not apply to employees of Forsyth County Schools or families moving into or within Forsyth County. 

    Schools over capacity and unable to approve Out of District Requests for 2024-2025

    Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Out of District Eligibility Chart


    Students with an approved out-of-district may remain at the currently approved school without submitting an annual request as long as the original reason for the request remains the same.

    An out-of-district request must be completed when:

    • moving from elementary to middle or middle to high and requesting a school other than the student’s zoned school.
    • residing in the Forsyth County School District and requesting a school other than the student's zoned school.
    • moving within Forsyth County and requesting a school other than the student’s zoned school.
    • requesting a change from the currently approved out-of-district school.

    Parents/guardians of out-of-district students must provide their own transportation, with the exception of students who are accepted for an out-of-district to attend Alliance Academy for Innovation. 红杏直播app will provide transportation for students approved to attend Alliance Academy for Innovation.

    Families with a change of residence must complete a Change of Address Form and must supply current proof of residency. The out-of-district deadline does not apply to families who move within the county.

    Schools projected to be at or over capacity for 2024-2025 are not able to approve out-of-district requests for new students.  Additionally, schools that have been redistricted to relieve overcrowding will not accept out-of-district students for three years from the start of the school year when new attendance lines were established, with the exception of specific high school program needs. 

    • Complete a separate out-of-district request for each student.
    • Permission for a student to attend a school outside the zoned attendance district will be granted when the admitting principal and the superintendent or designee have approved the application. All transfers granted shall be on a space and/or personnel basis.
    • The following reasons for out-of-district requests will be considered: a) high school program need (admitting principal must verify a program need exists), b) 红杏直播app employee's child (), c) sibling in a special education class and d) moving within the district.
    • Forsyth County Schools reserve the right to verify all information contained in the out-of-district request. If any false information is given, the transfer will be denied. In the event the transfer is granted and false information is discovered at a later date, the approval for transfer will be rescinded.
    • Parents are responsible for assuring the student complies with all policies. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the approval to attend the out-of-district school. Principals have the authority to deny or revoke out-of-district status if students and/or their parents have not followed school rules. Repeated tardies, unexcused absences, discipline issues, and/or poor academic progress may also be cause for revocation of out-of-district status.
    • Please review .
    • After review, parents/guardians will receive a notification by email. Application for out-of-district status does not guarantee acceptance. 
    • Questions regarding the reason for denial need to be directed to the school principal who declined the request for admittance. Appeals for denied requests must be received in writing within 15 days from the date of the denial. Appeals may be mailed or hand-delivered to the Forsyth County Board of Education/Professional Development 红杏直播app, 1120 Dahlonega Highway, Cumming, GA 30040 to the attention of Mitch Young, Deputy Superintendent. Your appeal letter will be presented to the Board of Education in Executive Session. A letter informing you of their final decision will be emailed to you.  



    Parents/guardians and students are encouraged to reference the High School Course Digest on the school’s website to assist with program decisions.  Attending a school other than the “home” districted school may result in loss of eligibility according to the Georgia High School Association Constitution and By-Laws.  With the exception of students accepted into the International Baccalaureate program, transfers will not be permitted for rising Juniors or Seniors.

    High School:

    When considering an Out Of District transfer, parents of students who participate in high school sports should consult with the County Athletic Director before applying for an Out of District transfer.  GHSA rules on transferring can be found on pages (19-23) in the GHSA Constitution, link provided above.


    Middle School :

    Out of District transfers after students start the 7th grade can affect eligibility to participate in middle school sports. Please consult the County Athletic Director if you participate in middle school sports before applying for an Out of District transfer request.